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12 thoughts on “Constitutional Concerns Over Trump”

  1. Sadly. The US Constitution has been overthrown long time ago. Mostly by Democrats and Republicans but specially by the oligarchs they work for. It is my understanding that US lives in what is called an “inter regnum” as a Constitutional Convention is still pending. As far as I can see, the difference with Trump is that he call things as he see them, unlike Hillary Clinton of the Republican clowns that like to run the farce. Calling for democracy while undermining it. Calling for national security while jeopardizing it. Calling for social cohesion while imprisoning and enslaving blacks and latinos. Calling for equality while excluding everyone except their minions. Clinton and the Republican clowns can only offer the continuation of the inter regnum that wipes his ass with US Constitution, as Paul Craig Roberts describe in full length: Fildena 150 online . Truth is that Trump is imperfect, but at least he is honest and you know what can be expected. With Hillary and the Republican clowns you can expect treason and psychopathic behavior in order to benefit their themselves, the PACs and the oligarchs that finance them, regardless of human rights, nature, justice or truth.

  2. I too am concerned about several comments that Donald Trump has made. I believe that he does care for America and it’s people. But I wish that he would be more cautious and slow to speak when he is ask about important issues. I also am concerned with the lack of knowledge about our constitution nationwide. I am amazed how many people in our own country don’t even know The Pledge of Allegiance. Or even who is running for the office of president. How sad. We already have a president who ignores the constitution and the needs of the American people. We hope and pray to move forward and not fall back even further. We must not forget that God is in His place and in control. And remember that he gave us free will and we must choose wisely in who we vote into the office of the President of this great nation.

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