The Democrat Debate: Candidates For Coercion

I watched the Democrat Party debate this evening with a primary objective – to account for the amount of discussion relative to government coercion over individuals and society as compared to the amount of discussion relative to individual liberty and freedom from government imposition. My expectations were sadly, but unsurprisingly fulfilled. Though America was founded on limited government and unimpeded individual liberty, we’ve seen a slow but persistent movement toward representative majoritarianism which in turn, has led inextricably to the use of state power to coerce the conduct and activities of individuals under force of law.

The following coercive topics were commented upon by the candidates favorably throughout the debate:

  1. Attacks on high income earners
  2. Income inequality
  3. Climate change
  4. Economic injustice
  5. Attacks on free speech relative to campaign financing
  6. Gun control
  7. Free college/college debt relief
  8. Increased funding for public education
  9. Forced corporate profit sharing
  10. Forced paid family leave
  11. Race issues
  12. LBGT issues
  13. Regulated health care
  14. Increased economic regulation
  15. Expanding social security
  16. Expanding Medicare

The following liberty related topics were commented upon favorably during the debate:

  1. Medical marijuana
  2. Gun freedom
  3. Criminal justice reform
  4. Anti-TARP
  5. NSA/Patriot Act

The following liberty related topics were not discussed at all during the debate:

  1. Religious liberty
  2. The burdening of future generations with a crippling national debt
  3. Economic freedom
  4. The oppressive regulatory state
  5. Agency abuse of power (EPA/IRS)
  6. Breach of separation of powers
  7. Breach of federalism
  8. Centralization of public education
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