To persuade to liberty—this is the underlying goal that instructs everything we do at The Liberty Chronicle.  We believe that liberty, constitutionalism, the rule of law and true free market capitalism are crucial to the formation and maintenance of the best society we could otherwise hope to achieve but are principles greatly underappreciated by society at large.  In order that society may come to appreciate these principles, it must first come to understand them.  Unfortunately, societal institutions—from public education, to the press, to many religious organizations—often work to persuade against these principles.  Similarly, our politicians are typically far more likely to take advantage of our current inclination toward statism than lead us in an opposite direction toward liberty and unobtrusive government. 

In our society the people are sovereign and thus, ultimately responsible for our government as well as our institutions.  If too many of the people betray that responsibility, good government cannot be achieved and our institutions are bound to degrade. We believe that too many in America betray this responsibility due to ignorance, apathy or a misunderstanding of their own self interests.  If this situation is to change for the better, the people must be persuaded to liberty.  The Liberty Chronicle is our effort in that regard.

The Liberty Chronicle was established to call attention to circumstances and ideas which illuminate the positive societal benefits of liberty and the detrimental effects of coercion.  To be a convenient source of current events and commentary related specifically to liberty, constitutionalism, the rule of law and capitalism is our goal.  Updated regularly, we strive to post pertinent news stories, blogs and columns in a timely fashion.  Our hope is that our patrons come to trust The Liberty Chronicle and find it to be a consistently renewed source of information and ideas conducive to human liberty.

Current Events and Timeless Ideas Pertaining to the Societal Benefits of Liberty and the Rule of Law and the Social Destruction Occasioned By Restraint, Coercion and Cronyism

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