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3 thoughts on “The Root Cause Of The Confirmation Chaos”

  1. If there is a solution would it require a reversal of decisions made under the assumption of validity of the living constitution theory? A finding that the decisions were in fact unconstitutional? Isn’t there something about changes over time of word usage / definitions … that was used as a basis for implementing the living constitution theory? If so would understanding and employing the original definitions be appropriate to reject the living constitution theory? Does that create a problem regarding “Common Law?” Could it be applied to “Natural Born Citizen” since the Court seems to have abdicated that requirement to the political parties for certification? As things currently exist, it would seem the best solution is to maintain a court of justices that are originalists.

    1. We would be better off having “originalist” Justices who interpret the US Constitution via the intents and meanings extant in 1789. That document presents itself in plain English, not “legalese”. Historians and members of the legal profession can research and determine the meanings wherein there might be questions of wording. Today we do not run across “corruption of blood” in everyday conversation for example.

  2. In this article, Justice Scalia’s son explains what he thinks his father would have thought about the Kavanaugh confirmation mess. The entire article validates my thesis. Here’s just one of many quotes corroborating my perspective: “My father believed that a major reason the judicial confirmation process has become so heated is that federal judges too often exceed the role envisioned by our nation’s founders and usurp the power of elected representatives.”

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