Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett has declared a national state of emergency in reaction to the violent protests that have erupted in recent days. Tensions over the ongoing conflict with Palestine spurred the weekend demonstrations, which have escalated into skirmishes between police and demonstrators in numerous towns.

According to reports, the early rallies were peaceful, with hundreds of people coming to the streets to show their opposition to the Israeli government’s actions toward Palestine. But, they quickly turned violent, with protesters hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at police and torching cars and structures.

Bennett has requested that the military deploy troops to help restore order in the affected areas in reaction to the violence. Also, he has warned that the government will take severe action against those guilty for the unrest.

The demonstrations occur during a period of heightened tensions between Israel and Palestine, with violence and unrest growing in recent weeks. Both parties have claimed possession of the same territory and land for decades.

The world community has urged moderation on both sides and a peaceful end of the dispute. Concerned by the violence, the United Nations has demanded an immediate end to the conflict.

The situation in Israel is now tight, with officials striving to restore order and address the demonstrators’ concerns. With no apparent resolution in sight, the dispute with Palestine continues to be a major source of tension in the region.